Dr. Ravi Murarka DVM, MVSC — Veterinarian in Blue Bell, PA

Dr. Ravi Murarka DVM, MVSC

Dr. Murarka has 30 years of experience in the field. He is providing top-notch soft tissue surgery and medicine. He was a director of animal health at Pennsylvania Society for the Prevention Cruelty to Animal (PSPCA) for about 20 years.

Dr. Murarka's work saving sick and injured animals has been featured in Animal Planet's recent television series in 5 episodes of 'Animal Cops of Philadelphia'. His work related news appeared in many different newspaper and TV channels.
He has trained and offered evaluated externship to veterinary students from all different states in the country and also students from outside the country.
Dr. Murarka was a past president of American Indian Veterinary Association, past Secretary of Delaware Valley Academy of Veterinary Medicine, past Secretary of Bucks-Mont Veterinary Medical association and also associated with many other associations. He is a member of the American Veterinary Medical Association and Metropolitan New Jersey Veterinary Medical Association.

He also participated in the Third National Workshop in Companion Animal Health Management held in India and presented workshop on canine and feline Heartworm Disease. He also recently conducted Dentistry practical lab seminar in different cities in India to educate local veterinarians about important of dentistry of pets.

His passion towards animal is amazing. He always help many different organizations for low cost spays and neuters to feral, stray cats and dogs to reduce animal overpopulation. Last year at Centre Square they had low cost 'Spayundefined Neuter Day' and operated on about 80 cats in one day. He can spay and neuter more than 100 surgeries in one day. He conducted High Volume Spay and Neuter Clinic for many different organizations at different cities in New Jersey and Pennsylvania State.